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Unlock your ancestry with Parish Chest, a genealogy store with census records, parish registers, maps, books and detailed directories designed to help you uncover the full story behind your family tree. Our ancestry consists of much more than the branches of our family tree. It is about the people and stories that make up our past, our family history.

Uncovering our genealogy can open up a world of unanswered questions. Questions such as, What was life like?, How did they survive? and What happened? A name alone sometimes is just not enough, we need to know more. We want to know the full story, the story that created our place in the world.

It was our own curiosity that drove us to create the extensive list of family history records you see here today. Understanding first hand how many records can add colour and life to an otherwise lifeless set of names and dates, we set about providing a service for everyone who wanted to know that little bit more.

Records available include UK Census Records, Wills, Workhouse Records,  Army and Navy Lists, Directories, Family Tree Charts, Books, Genealogy Records and Family History Societies.

Discover your family history today with Parish Chest.

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