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A glorious day for family history research all around....

Parish Chest has been in fantastic hands for the last 13 years and has become the premier online shop for family history researchers the world over.  

Jen Mortensen here... thought I would update the home page and let you all know that we are getting the shop up and running again.  Thank you for your patience while we are off line.  It won't be much longer. 

Many of you may know me from Leicestershire Parish Registers.  I have enjoyed working with so many of you researching your Leicester roots.  I love the stories both successful and not so successful.  I want to continue the legacy which Pam and Frank have left which is providing materials of the highest quality to you, the researching community.  Many of you are just as OCD about accurate information as I am.  That's the reason I started indexing Leicestershire.  I was exhausted having to recheck other peoples work. I wanted accurate records.  Parish Chest has continued for this long because of the personal attention which Pam and Frank always provided and... because of the excellent quality of the product.  (Pam's newsletters were also quite informative whilst entertaining as well. I may be a bit more gabby though.) 

So be patient. We are just about to roll. There may be a few things that may peak your interest.  Stay tuned for some updates.(like a new Parish Chest facebook page)  As always you can email me for a chat at  I am also on Facebook at Leicestershire Parish Registers.

Please do not forget that if you have come up against a brickwall you cannot seem to get around, the folk at the Genealogy Specialists forum will be delighted to help.  The forum is completely FREE, so what are you waiting for? 


 Happy hunting,



Parish Chest

mobile: 001 (909) 809-0453