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Iron Fist: Classic Armoured Warfare

Iron Fist: Classic Armoured Warfare

Ref: MJB-CB17

Supplied by MJ Books.

From the early tank battles of the First World War, through the theoretical developments of Guderian and Liddell Hart, to the terror of the Second World War and beyond, Bryan Perrett charts the evolution of 20th century armoured warfare in terms of vehicles, equipment and tactics.

Examining British, American, German and Russian actions, he gives a comprehensive view of all forms of armoured conflict. The book concludes with a look at the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, a classic example of armoured warfare.

By: B Perrett

Publishers: Cassell Military Paperbacks. Publishing Date: 2000
Cover Type: Paperback
Number Pages: 222. Book Dimensions (Approx): 13 x 20 cms
General Condition: Brand New.