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I thought it was time to have some fun and introduce something new to the Parish Chest. So, from time to time, we will have a surprise (freebie) for the first Parish Chest customer who spends a minimum of £50.00.

The first free gift will be available after I have sent out this newsletter. Each time I plan to do this, it will be mentioned in the newsletter and to win it, you will need to be quick. This month's free gift is ideal for anyone with an interest in the military.

Well, June turned out to be a month of highs and lows.

First, we had a bit of a catastrophe here a couple of weeks ago when the pipe bringing water across the fields to our house needed replacing. Now, that was fairly straightforward - just connect new water pipe, then dig a trench alongside, put the new pipe in it, cover the pipe up and replace the grass. Easy peasy!

It was all going rather well until the digger driver, (you didn't think I was digging the trench by hand, did you?) despite the line of the trench being clearly marked with sand, deviated from course and smashed through the pipe leading to the septic tank.

Have you ever tried getting someone to help or even obtain a piece of septic tank pipe at 5pm on a Saturday evening? We telephoned every waste disposal service within a thirty mile radius, including those with a promised twenty four hour service, and trust me, it is impossible. That weekend was a real joy and one I shall not forget for a long, long time! See, there are disadvantages to living out in the sticks.

The next thing to go wrong was my car. I was on my way to see some animals, when, just a couple of miles from home, the car started misfiring and the engine light came on. I pulled off the road (the engine was really hot) and called the AA. A couple of hours later, the chap arrived, lifted the bonnet, nodded sagely and said it was either the thermostat or head gasket and he would need to get a low loader to take the car to the Honda garage - apparently, you cannot tow a 4x4.

The following day, the garage 'phoned to say it was all fixed and the problem had been with the spark plug! I collected the car and everything seemed to be fine. Two days later, I was on my way out, when the car started misfiring again. The car was again collected by the AA and back to the Honda garage she went. After giving the car a thorough overhaul, the mechanics said they couldn't pinpoint the problem, but advised that I stayed local just in case it happened again. I had no choice than to take their advice, so had to cancel my trip to the Gwent FHS Open Day. What a bummer!

Enough of that tale of woe, now let's move on to the high points.

Nine of the turkey eggs in the incubator hatched and after two days, I moved these poults into the brooder. I left the remaining eggs in the incubator, planning to unplug and disinfect the incubator later that day. What with one thing and another, the incubator was still working the following day and that evening, I realised that I had another egg pipping. On Saturday morning, I went off to get my shopping and when I arrived back home, I rushed to the incubator to see if the poult had hatched, to see not one, but three little faces staring at me. I was stunned! Twelve poults from the fifteen eggs, so I am delighted.

My second broody hen hatched three of the six eggs she was sitting on, but unfortunately rejected one of the poults. I moved this little chap to the nursery brooder where he is warm and I can keep an eye on him. Oh yes, and I have set another fifteen eggs in the incubator and these are due to hatch around the 9th. July. You would never guess that I adore turkeys, would you?

During the first week of June, I went to visit a pig farmer in St. Stephens, near St. Austell, (cousin John gave me a lift) and I came away with three, nine week old Saddleback x Cornish Lop weaners. When I arrived home, and he saw the new arrivals, I thought Frank was going to blow a fuse (he did say that I am not safe to be let out on my own) but they looked so adorable, Frank couldn't resist them either! The newcomers were introduced to the other piglets and now they all play happily together.

I went off to Truro Poultry Auction on 18th. June, and managed to buy four Maran pullets at a very reasonable price. These ladies are now mingling happily with my other chickens. I visited another poultry auction at Sticker, on 2nd. July, and came away with six more Maran pullets. Although I may visit more poultry auctions, I shall try not to buy any more chickens as I believe we have enough for the time being - famous last words!!

British Telecom came over during the early part of June and connected us to their Infinity super fast broadband and that is truly brilliant. Being a bit of a cynic, I doubted the claims made by BT, but I have to say that it really is very fast indeed. Not bad for the depths of Cornwall!

Hi Sally, Lynne and Anne. I am so curious to know if you started the diet and if so, how much weight you have lost. Yes, I know the diet is a bit boring, but if the weight comes off quickly, and it does, then who cares?

Hello Derek, and thank you for your email. I am so pleased you enjoy the newsletter and despite my prattling on about everything else but, still manage to retain your interest in genealogy!

I seem to have chatted rather more than usual, and I am parched, aren't you? Time for a cuppa so get the kettle on folks, and then we can move on to the new products. Are you ready? Okay, then off we go.


New Products & Suppliers

I am so sorry that in the previous newsletter, the link to the Borders Family History Society was not working. I have corrected that this month. As my old maths master used to say, must try harder, Pam, must try harder!!

The Central Scotland Family History Society have reduced the price of some of their products. Time to grab yourself a bargain.

Malcolm, of the Gwent Family History Society, sent me details of three more CDs the society has produced; New Tredegar St Dingat's Marriages 1897-1940, Rhymney, St David's Parish Church and St Mellon's, Caersalem Baptist Church. Excellent work as always.

Graham, from the Wakefield and District Family History Society, has three more parish register booklets available; Royston, Osset and Wragby.

Sue, from Family Tree magazine, sent me the details of the FREE covermount CD worth £57. It includes: West Country ancestors in 1841 Census, Kelly’s Directory of Bristol for 1925, parish records for Clyst St George, Devon, plus software, charts & much more. Cheaper ways to find your family! Preserving your research; Stay ‘tree-safe’ online; Gateway to the New World Follow emigrant ancestors to Ellis Island; Using poor law records; Licensed to... Did your forebear need a licence to do a job or to travel? ; Teatime traditions; Historic warships; Dressing 19th-century style; Building Britain’s roads; Key websites... for tracing ancestors in the South West; 75 years of the Irish Genealogical Research Society; Secrets the 1911 Census can reveal. Plus more.

John, from the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society, has four more books for sale, including one called 'Wincanton Workhouse' which looks really interesting.

Bill, of Chapel Books, has a huge pile of wills which he will be offering for sale here at Parish Chest. He is starting off with some from Northumberland.

Jen, of Leicestershire Parish Registers, has now finished transcribing Leicester St. Mary and Owston & Newbold Parish Registers. More super transcription for those with ancestors from Leicester.

Dee, of English Parish Registers, has added Wrockwardine & Moreton Say Parish Registers and Drayton Parslow Parish Registers, 1559-1837 to her ever growing list.

Carol, of Morley & District Family History Group, has three new MI booklets available. Nice to see you at the York Fair, Carol.

I received details of the new and updated, Lifetime Subscription to Maximilian Genealogy 2011 Database. It could prove very useful to you, so please do take a peek.

Two more excellent CDs from The Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society.

Yvonne, of Docklands Ancestors, let me know about their latest CD, Stratford, Bow (St Mary) 1831-1843 Vol 82.

I am delighted to welcome the Huddersfield and District Family History Society back to the Parish Chest. It is nice to know you missed me, folks and yes, I missed you, too.

Carolyn, of Your Family History magazine sent me some information about this month's magazine and also has a super offer for you:- Our celebrity this month will be Daniel Radcliffe. As the final Harry Potter film is released Nick Barratt looks at the family history of the star of the show. Spanish civil war 75 years on and Trevor Spinage explains how to find out more about the idealists who fought with the international Brigades Scottish research for beginners - Written by Chris Paton. Spotlight on Worcestershire Your Family History magazine is offering a book of your choice (worth £12) from its wonderful full range of tracing publications to anyone subscribing this month.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we now have, 'Midst of Cherry Orchards' from Heddle Books available at Parish Chest. Boy, if you have any connection with Wilmington, near Dartford, you will love this book.

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