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Oh, we had some real fun here back in late September when it was necessary to give each of my three remaining pigs their worming injections.

The vet told me that the injections had to be given behind the ear - oh joy!

First, catch your pig! Now, I am not sure if you know this, but there is not a lot to grab hold of on a pig!

The pigs are quite large now and as determined as I was that they were going to have the injections, they were equally determined that they were not.

With Frank's help and a large piece of board, and after slithering and sliding around in the mud, (pigs do love to dig up the ground) we finally managed to contain the pigs in a corner of their pen and administer the injections. Didn't I make that sound easy? Trust me, it wasn't! Once all the pigs had been attended to, we came back to the house, exhausted, very muddy, extremely smelly and in dire need of baths!

A couple of weeks ago, we moved the last of the incubator hatched turkey poults to their outside homes where they have settled in and are enjoying the grass. I am amazed at how quickly the turkeys have grown. It seems as if one minute, I am watching them struggling to hatch and the next, they are full grown and strutting around their pens.

The inside poultry pens have now been removed, and the animal section of the barn has been swabbed down and disinfected in readiness for perhaps a calf or two, or failing that, (if calf prices at the market are too high) the arrival of the orphan lambs next year.

We recently had to move the Maran broody and her turkey poult into a larger run. The Maran was easy enough to move but the poult was a different matter. He wriggled, squirmed, finally broke free and ran off. Frank and I just looked at each other, both thinking we were going to have one heck of a job catching the pesky creature. However, we had reckoned without the strong bond between poult and surrogate mum. The Maran clucked loudly and the little poult ran across the orchard, dodging us and all the hens who were attempting to peck him, (they were clearly annoyed at having this stranger in their midst) and stood beside the new run where his mum was waiting. It was then an easy job to scoop him up and return him to the safety of the broody pen.

When I was ill, we were given a DVD called, The Bucket List. Nowadays, I rarely watch TV or films, but although this film was about a sad subject, I have to say that I have never laughed so much in my life. A sensitive subject handled very well. It started me thinking that perhaps I ought to get started on my own 'bucket list'...

The shingles finally departed during the third week of September and I was really pleased to see the back of them. Never again will I consider this to be a minor irritation like having a cold! I have never been so ill and in such pain for so long.

I am really looking forward to seeing the Max Boyce Show in November as I just love his sense of humour. Unlike some comedians, Max never makes me squirm with embarrassment or feel uncomfortable. Several years ago, my daughter, Sarah, when working as a journalist in Launceston, actually got to interview Max - lucky girl.

The winner of the September free gift is Joanna Algeo of County Tipperary. Many congratulations, Joanna, and your parcel is its the way to you.

I have something a little different for the October free gift as the first person after receiving this newsletter, who spends fifty pounds or more at Parish Chest, will receive a CD by Chris Pitts, called, Between Suffolk Pink and Essex Blue Click Here

Now, just a quick mention for Rod in Australia. I am so pleased you like my newsletter. Did it cure your insomnia? I am not sure what time it will be in your 'neck of the woods' when you receive this newsletter, Rod, but any time is good for a cuppa, isn't it?

Gather up your drinks folks, perhaps with a slither of cake and together, let's plough through all the new items and suppliers we have for you this month.


New Products & Suppliers

Stan, from the Wharfedale Family History Group, has two new parish register CDs for you. It was lovely to see you again at the Yorkshire Fair, Stan.

Jen, of Leicestershire Parish Registers, has four new transcriptions ready. Nice work, Jen.

Peter, from the Borders Family History Society, has added a pile of new death, burial and mortcloth transcriptions to their stand. Also, the society has some used books available which you may find interesting.

Steve, from the Huddersfield and District Family History Society, tells me they have Hepworth Baptisms Combined Booklet for sale.

Sue, from 'Family Tree' magazine says the covermount CD for October contains heaps of ancestral information for Leeds, with over 70,000 names included.

Phil, of the Powys Family History Society, sent me details of four more CDs. Great work by the team, Phil.

We are delighted to welcome Sussex Genealogy to Parish Chest. Lots of Sussex parish registers and MI's for you to browse through.

David, from the Chardstock Historical Group, is offering a new DVD. All sales of this DVD will help boost Church funds. A great cause, David.

Dee, from English Parish Registers, now has even more parish register transcriptions for you

John, from the Felixstowe Family History Society, tells me that a great many of their parish register fiche have been reduced in price, (only £1.00) so if you are after a bargain.......

Brian, from the Bedfordshire Family History Society says the society has released twenty nine new parish register CDs. Ye gods, Brian, do your volunteers ever get the chance to sleep?

Mike, from Dartmoor Press, has the wonderful series of 'Discovering Dartmoor' available on CD for you.

Pete, from the Parish Register Transcription Society, has two more fascinating Sussex CDs for you to look at. Excellent work as always, Pete.

Countryside Books has some really super new titles available for you to browse through.

I am really delighted to welcome GENP to Parish Chest. GENP is a new family history software programme for the beginner, experienced and professional genealogist. Developed by Peter Evans, GENP is a genealogy programme with multiple databases, multimedia, grouping and linking. You can store text for people and print reports whilst you build your family tree. You know Peter, this is just the sort of programme that family historians have been waiting for. Simply wonderful!

Carolyn, from Your Family History magazine, sent me information about this months magazine and what a cracker it looks to be. Just take a peek at this : - To celebrate Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur, we will be focusing this issue on Jewish genealogy. This is a culture that is steeped in history dating back thousands of years; Britain has a long association with the Jewish people, from medieval times where our track record is pretty poor, to more modern periods when we opened our doors to provide shelter to refugees fleeing pogroms in Eastern Europe in the late 19th century, and persecution from the Nazis in the middle of the 20th century. We examine the ways you can trace your Jewish ancestors, and focus on the key dates in Jewish history. If you subscribe with this issue the Free gift will be Tracing Your Jewish Ancestors worth £12.99. We also show you how to use online resources to trace people who served in the Merchant Navy, and apprentice records; whilst Chris Paton tells us all about nonconformist records north of the border. With the financial woes of the country continuing to hog the headlines, we will be looking at the range of commercial websites that are out there – and which ones appear to be the best value for money, so you can save your pennies for the next edition of Your Family History! Tracing Irish roots, look at the Valuation Office’s Irish land records for discovering exactly where your ancestors lived since before the Great Famine through to the 1970s…

I received an email from Martin, of the Fenland Family History Society, to let me know that the society has two more of their very useful disks for sale, one is a CD and the second a DVD. Great work by your society volunteers, Martin.

Jen, from the Family History Monthly magazine, (Jen is now editor) sent me the following information about their October issue:- Try a free issue of Family History Monthly magazine! At over £1.25 cheaper than any other UK genealogy magazine, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Family History Monthly magazine, it’s definitely time to give it a try! We’re offering all Parish Chest newsletter readers the chance to try a free copy, with no obligation to purchase a subscription. To claim your free back issue, simply send your name and address with the offer code FHMFREEBIE by email to anna.bowen@metropolis.co.uk with the subject line FHM FREE ISSUE or by post to Anna Bowen, Diamond Publishing Room 101, The Perfume Factory, 140 Wales Farm Road, London W3 6UG. Your contact details will not be used for marketing purposes in any way. The offer is subject to availability and will end on the 31st October 2011. Our October issue (out now) focuses on ways to research black sheep ancestors, with articles on asylum inmates and Victorian prostitutes. We also delve into the lives of army wives, visit a plague village and discover the lost occupation of country carrier. In our November issue (out on the 20th October) we head overseas to investigate the roles that our ancestors played in the British Empire. Our articles reveal the best starting points for colonial research and guide you through the British Empire’s long history. We also sail down Britain’s canal network, root around the National Monuments Record Office, and explain how to transcribe gravestone inscriptions. Congratulations on the promotion to editor, Jen.

Graham, of the Wakefield and District Family History Society, gave me the details of the two latest publications. The volunteers are working well, Graham.

My chum, Yvonne, of Docklands Ancestors, has three great new CDs for sale, one of which is a compendium disk of around 79,000 records. Superb work, Yvonne.

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