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Ye gods, will this infernal rain ever stop? I am not asking for sunshine as that would be too much to hope for, but it would be super to have a few days when I could step outside without donning all my wet weather gear. I am getting very fed up with always looking like the Michelin Man!

Frank says that he cannot see any signs of the weather improving as apparently the jet stream is in the wrong place. I do not know anything about jet streams and the like, but I do know that if this rain keeps up, I am going to start building an ark!

Hey, it is just a thought, but perhaps to see some sunshine, I could talk Frank into taking me on another cruise to the Caribbean!! Do you reckon he would go for that idea?

The farmers around here are getting very worried as they have not been able to make the hay this year. I know our neighbours managed to get a first cut of silage back in April, but that was it. Feeding cattle throughout the winter looks as if it will be really expensive. Perhaps it was a good thing I didn't get those calves after all!

Frank and I beetled over to the poultry auction on 30th. June. Frank was rather concerned that I may come back with a lorry load of poultry, but he needn't have worried. I was very disappointed with what was on offer very little in the way of quality pullets and we left without purchasing anything. A first for me!

July is a sad month for me as I had to bid farewell to several of my turkey poults when they left me to go to their new homes. I have twelve more babies leaving on the 17th of this month, so can you blame me for feeling a touch upset? I do hate parting with the poults, but thankfully, I have some eggs in the incubator which are due to hatch any day now, so I will have more chickadees to rear on. You can catch up with all the latest news on my Blog at Cornwall Turkeys Click Here

I do so love hearing from you and what your lifestyles are like and after the previous newsletter, I did receive some great emails from you. Keep it up, please, or I shall think I am talking to myself and that would never do, would it?

I received a lovely email from Fred, in New Zealand. Fred also keeps livestock; purebred Suffolks, a few chooks and bantams, so as you can see, he is a kindred spirit.

Vanessa, also from New Zealand, sent me a photograph of the glorious countryside near her home. That really does look a lovely place to live, Vanessa. Almost as beautiful as Cornwall!

Karen, wrote to say that she was horrified to hear what had happened to Clare. It was a dreadful shock for us all Karen, but thankfully, Clare's bones are mending and she is now on the way to making a full recovery.

Marilyn, from Washington State, says she is passionate about genealogy and also enjoys my farming news. Great to hear that, Marilyn.

Angela, from Derbyshire, said she loves reading all my chatter, and if she lived closer to Cornwall, she would bring some dock leaves for my turkeys. It can be almost a full time job around here, Angela.

Joanne, who has now been living in the UK for eight years, says she loves our way of life and better yet, also enjoys my newsletter!

Sally, from Devon, has been increasing her flocks of chickens and ducks. Keep this up Sally, and you will have as many chickens as I do. Have you ever thought about having a turkey or two?

Elisabeth, from Canada, was the 'Big Spender' winner this time. Your book is now on the way to you and I hope you will enjoy it and find it very useful for your family history.

Onto the important section of this newsletter. Today, as this newsletter is going out rather earlier than usual, for my morning break, I have some home made shortbread biscuits and a nice cup of tea. Are you ready to begin? You are? Okay, then let's get down to business.


New Products & Suppliers

Yvonne, of Docklands Ancestors, sent me the details of two newly released CDs. Perfect if you have 'Waterman' ancestors.

Graham, of the Wakefield and District Family History Society, has three more publications for you to browse through.

Phil, of Powys Family History Society, now has the Bryngwyn, Rhosgoch Hermon Chapel and the Bettws Disserth, St Mary MIs available on CD.

My chum Pete, of the Parish Register Transcription Society, has been working really hard again, and produced two more excellent parish register transcriptions on CD.

Cambridgeshire Family History Society have now released Cambridgeshire Non-Conformist Records(5).

Guy, of Anguline Research Archives, has produced seven more CDs for you. Only seven! Are you on a go-slow, Guy?

Jen, of Leicestershire Parish Registers, has just completed the transcription of Sibson Parish Registers 1561-1913.

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