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Due to the appalling weather, it has been a very disappointing year for growing fruit and vegetables. Most of my vegetables rotted in the ground and the apples and pears were almost non existent. Such a shame, but hopefully next year, things will be better. I am ever the optimist!

Our Graham, of JiGraH Resources, Click Here has opted for an easier life and has sold his company to Tony Beardshaw, of My History. I have known Tony for years, so it is still ‘keeping it in the family’ if you know what I mean.

When we were at the Bristol & Avon FHS fair, I was chatting to Ron and Carol, of Genealogy Printers Click Here - actually, I was chatting to heaps of people, but I especially wanted to tell you about the special Christmas offer that Ron has available. Three different charts, delivered to wherever you are in the world, for just £13.50 Click Here These three charts would normally cost you £6.00 each plus postage, so this is a really great offer.

The Bristol & Avon FHS Open Day was the only family history event that we have attended in quite a long time. Some of the stallholders (my friends?) took the greatest delight in teasing me about my turkeys. They seem to think I am besotted with my birds. I wonder what on earth gave them that idea!!

Talking of turkeys, a couple of weeks ago, Frank and I drove up to Norwich and bought six beautiful, pure bred Norfolk Black hen poults and a stag. This week, we drove to the Shropshire/Cheshire border and purchased six more poults and another stag. These were very long drives, but definitely worth the effort as I met some super people, got lots of tips on hatching eggs and rearing turkeys, and I now have plenty of quality breeding stock for next year. If you want to read more about my turkeys, please do visit Cornwall Turkeys Click Here There is a cracking picture of Frank on the front page.

A couple of weeks back, Frank and I drove up to Launceston (yes, we are turning into real gadabouts!) and bought some more Rhode Island Red pullets. Lovely birds which will shortly be leaving the isolation pen to join the main flock.

Thanks Alan, for the advice about savings accounts. I particularly wanted a simple Post Office account because I can amble down to our local shop and deposit my cash rather than waste petrol driving into Truro. I never have much cash to pay in, but I hate leaving money hanging around the house.

What do children do these days with their pocket money? I know when my children were small, they all had Post Office accounts and the rule was that they could spend half their pocket money and the remainder had to be saved. This helped to show the children how to handle money and also that pennies saved grow into pounds.

Thanks for the email Dela. A one hundred degree temperature plus high humidity does sound rather uncomfortable. Maybe I shall stick with the British climate after all! Oh, and yes, do nip over to the Brit-Gen forum Click Here to get some help with your research queries. There are a lot of very knowledgeable folk there who would be happy to help you.

I have been having a super chat via email with Sid, who lives in Canada. Oh, I do so love it when people respond to me. It is just like having a natter with old friends!

Time to move on to the important stuff, so have you got your cuppa handy and are you ready? Okay then, off we go.


New Products & Suppliers

The transcriptions of Normanton le Heath Parish Registers 1696-1911 and Hinckley Holy Trinity Baptisms & Marriages are the latest offering from Jen, of Leicester Parish Registers. Works hard that lass, doesn't she?

Brian, from the Bedfordshire Family History Society, sent me the details of their new CD, Pre-1852 Bedfordshire Surnames Index. A very handy CD if your ancestors were from that part of the United Kingdom.

James, of Sussex Genealogy, has some more Sussex transcriptions for you. Do take a look!

Cambridgeshire Family History Society has released a new CD of Cambridge Petty Sessions.

Malcolm, of Gwent Family History Society, let me know that the society has a new chapel baptisms booklet available.

David, from the Worcestershire Parish Record Society, tells me that the society has released Ripple Parish Registers. Not only that, several of their transcriptions are now available in PDF format by email. No postage charges and almost instant delivery.

Eileen, of Kabristan Archives, has a super book available called Bangladesh Burials. Very useful if your ancestors spent time overseas.

Sue, of Family Tree Magazine, sent me this information about the November issue :- This issue is on sale now, packed with inspiring features to help you research and honour your family heroes. Also inside this issue… 10 unbeatable brick wall solutions; census secrets & lies; kirk session records; Historic Still Birth Register; your stories, your favourite regular pages & more… Plus, FREE digital data for every reader.

Terry, from Maxbal Genealogy, has produced a really useful CD which will assist you in keeping track of all your research information. Terry gave me a copy of this CD and I must say that it is extremely useful. Do take a peek.

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