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So here we are at the start of a new year, although judging by the gloom and doom put out by politicians, it will not be much of an improvement on the last one. Politicians are such miserable people, aren’t they?

Despite being upgraded (free) from a cabin to a suite, the trip to the Christmas Markets was not quite as enjoyable as we had hoped.

A day or so before we left for Southampton, the shingles returned, and although not such a fierce attack as the first time, it was nonetheless very unpleasant. Frank and I talked about cancelling the trip, but the doctor said I was not contagious, so armed with various pills and potions, off we went.

In spite the miserable weather (almost like being at home as it rained every day) Frank and I did manage to enjoy our trip to Europe, and I was very pleased to escape from the computer for a few days. Rather than being ashore, I think the cruise along the Kiel Canal was one of the highlights for Frank. He spent ages taking photographs along the route.

As a weird and unwanted finale to the trip, during the last couple of days of the cruise, Frank and I managed to catch the ‘flu, and this was despite having ‘flu jabs last November. Most of the Christmas and New Year holiday was spent with our noses buried in tissues. Judging by the number of chemicals and tissues we have and are still using, we are keeping the folk at Kleenex and Beecham’s in full production!

Due to germs and awful weather, I have not been able to spend much time outside recently – only flying visits to the turkeys to make sure they do not forget me. Most of my time has been spent inside in the warm, doing (occasionally) housework, rearranging Parish Chest and working on the SEO.

Ye gods! I seem to have done nothing but moan and groan so far, so enough of that and let’s move on to happier subjects.

Cousin John was very busy while we were away, erecting a new inner wall in the barn and also making me four new rearing pens. Lots of room now for my turkey poults once they out grow the nursery brooders. I am so looking forward to the forthcoming season. With my new breeding stock, I should get lots of babies this year.

I am hoping for about a week of dry weather soon so that John can get the 'Pensioners Corner' built before the breeding season gets into full swing. It would be lovely to have Wonky and her chums in their new home and they will have so much more freedom. You can always keep up to date with what is happening in the turkey world, by visiting Cornwall Turkeys Click Here

I do apologise for this newsletter being so late. Have you ever had one of those times when no matter what you do, you just cannot catch up with things that need to be done?

Right! Enough of my prattle for today as it is time to get on to the important stuff. I have a mug of hot blackcurrant handy, so as soon as you get your cuppa, we can get started.


New Products & Suppliers

William, from Sussex Genealogy, has produced Sussex Maps for the Family Historian. This should help to enlighten those of us who are confused by boundary changes.

Graham, of the Wakefield & District Family History Society, let me have details of four new parish register booklets which the society has available.

We are delighted to welcome Three Shires Genealogy to the Parish Chest. If you need research doing in Cheshire, Derbyshire or Staffordshire, these are the folk for you.

My chum David, from the Worcestershire Parish Record Society, gave me details of their latest parish register transcriptions, Suckley (St John The Baptist) and Hartlebury Parish Registers. You can purchase these on CD or save the postage and have the information sent to you by email. The choice is yours!

Alan, from Dorset Family History Society, has some new products and services for you to have a look at.

Natalie, from Family Tree magazine, sent me this information about the new issue:- Family Tree January 2013 is on sale now, bursting with 365 top genealogy tips to get another year of family history off to a cracking start! Also inside this issue… steps to a new research approach; surname roots – unearth the true roots of your family name; foundling forebears; childhood occupations – the best websites and sources for researching child labour; Jewish genealogy plus much, much more.

Jenny, From Little Acorns, has transcribed another parish register, Fordingbridge Baptisms 1739-1850 and this is available on CD.

Phil, of Powys Family History Society, told me about a new CD the society has available called Llanfihangel Nant Melan St. Michael MIs.

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