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When I let the poultry out of a morning, it is usually quite early, (daybreak) so I just put my boots on, chuck my outside gear on over my pyjamas and march out to the fields. When I get back to the house, I have my shower and then get started in the office.

The other day, just as I returned from the fields, the telephone rang, (yes, we do get some very early calls!) so I dumped my wet weather gear in the utility room and raced into the office to answer the 'phone.

Several hours later, the doorbell rang and it was a lady wanting some eggs. I thought she was looking at me rather oddly, but it wasn't until I looked into the mirror and saw I was still wearing my pyjamas, that I realised why. Ho Hum! No doubt the news that Mrs Drake was still in her night clothes at lunchtime went around the village like wildfire!

Graham, of the Wakefield and District Family History Society, emailed to let me know about the new open day he has organised for the society. This is what Graham had to say:-

Wakefield and District Family History Society are hosting the Wakefield and West Riding Family History Fair on Saturday 23rd March at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield. The aim of the event is to bring together other family history societies and organisations which are located within the boundaries of the former West Riding of Yorkshire and in addition to Wakefield there will be seven other family history societies attending along with a number of commercial suppliers. Free parking is available in the school grounds and there will be a series of free talks throughout the day. Full details can be found on the WDFHS website at Click Here

As you will see from the list on the web site, lots of our chums are exhibiting at the Wakefield event, so if at all possible, please do pop along. Alas, Frank and I are unable to attend as it is the start of the turkey breeding season, and we cannot spare the two days away - I just might miss some eggs hatching and I couldn't bear that. Sorry Graham, but my turkeys must come first!

Oh, and I must tell you that Gwent Family History Society has managed to arrange a new venue for their Open Day. The event is being held on Saturday 8th June, at the Rougemont School in Newport. Full details will soon be posted on the Gwent FHS web site Click Here

Now, I have a little piece of advance information for you; The new genealogy magazine, 'Discover Your Ancestors' will soon be available on subscription from Parish Chest. I am really thrilled about this as it looks to be a wonderful publication.

During the day, I rarely look at my watch (most times I do not even know what day it is!) but when the watch needed a new battery and had to be sent away for a week, I was quite flummoxed. It is odd how you miss something when it is no longer there, isn't it?

I received a delightful email from Frances, who lives in the USA. Frances says that they have a severe outbreak of 'flu in her area, too. Make sure you stay well clear of the germs, Frances.

Royce, a fellow shingles sufferer, emailed to say he loves my newsletter. Isn't that great? In case you didn't realise, I thrive on flattery, Royce!

Lynda, who now lives in New Zealand, used to live in Cornwall and misses 'home' just a little bit! I always miss Cornwall Lynda, even if I am only away for a day or so.

Chris, from Canada, emailed to say he enjoys the newsletter, but finds the font is a bit on the small side. No promises, Chris, but I will get our web chappie to look at that for you as I do like to look after my readers!

My chum Diane, was off on a cross country skiing holiday early in January, Stay on your feet, Diane, and look after your bones!

Sally, my poultry loving chum from Devon, emailed to let me know that her chickens are finding the wet weather a bit hard to live with. Squelching around in mud is not a lot of fun for them, is it, Sally? Never mind, fingers crossed, the weather will improve before too much longer. It surely cannot get much worse, can it?

Due to the almost non-stop rain we have had for several months, all of our outside building work has come to a standstill. Even on a dry day, just walking across the fields turns the land into a quagmire. Not a lot of fun!

I cannot miss a chance to 'plug' my turkey web site, so do pop over to take a look at Cornwall Turkeys Click Here You can see a great picture of Frank and lots of turkey pictures, including the famous (infamous?) Wonky!

Ye gods! I feel quite exhausted after all this chatter, so I really need my cup of tea and slither of cake. Are you ready to read all about the latest offerings from Parish Chest? Okay, then off we go.


New Products & Suppliers

Graham, from the Wakefield & District FHS, sent me the details of two more publications the society has for you.

David, from the Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society, has a cracking new CD for you. Just take a look at this.

Steve, from the Huddersfield & District Family History Society, says the volunteers have been working away like little beavers and produced fifteen new parish register booklets. Your team of volunteers need a rest, Steve!

Jen, who does the transcribing for Leicester Parish Registers, has two new transcriptions for you. You are working well, Jen. How are your eyes?

Carol, of the Cambridgeshire Family History Society, gave me the details of their latest non-conformist CD.

I am delighted to welcome Helen Forder to the Parish Chest. Helen is quite besotted with Lady Llanover, and has written a book about her.

Jo and Karen, from One Stop Genealogy, have updated all of their CDs for 2013. These CDs are fantastic aids to research, so make sure you buy your copy.

The latest news from Family Tree magazine:- Crammed with super strategies to help you become an expert genealogist! Also inside this issue: Discover your parish history; The future of tree sharing; 90+ sites & sources on workhouse & prison workers; Chancery records; Old school log books; Local films for local people; Exploring The European Library. Our guide to using this fast online resource finder; Twiglets diary of a family tree first-timer; Thoughts on... A new find on Ancestry threatens to uproot Diane Lindsay's family tree. Regulars: Genealogy news; Dear Tom genealogical miscellany; Your Q&A, plus photo-dating & military advice; Reviews of the latest books, CDs & apps; Mailbox your letters; Diary dates. 9 pages of your questions answered; your stories; & more Plus, free digital data for every reader!

Gillian, of the Lincolnshire Family History Society, sent me the news about four new products which the society has added to their long list of products. Do take a peek.

The Tayside and Fife Archaeological Society have two, super new books available. If you are into 'digging' these will be perfect.

Jim, from Flyleaf Press, has an excellent new book for you. If you have ancestors from County Clare, you will be in heaven!

Malcolm, from the Gwent Family History Society, gave me the details of their new CD. It looks a good 'un, Malcolm!

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