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I had such a merry chortle the other day! I hate buying clothes and when I do, I expect them to last for a long, long time - perhaps even too long!

I was doing the ironing earlier this week when I saw that one of my sweaters had worn through at the elbow. Boy, was I cross. I ranted on to Frank about the quality of Marks & Spencer clothing these days.

Frank commented that I had bought the sweater when we lived in St. Austell, some fifteen odd years ago. Ho hum! Obviously the sweater did wear well after all and I shouldn't have been quite so rude about M&S!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted and asked if I would take in three, two day old orphan lambs. I will never turn away an animal in need, so the following day, I hopped into the car for a trip to Camelford, which is about forty miles from here. On arrival, I found four lambs waiting for me, one of which, a ram lamb, I have since discovered is blind from a congenital defect.

It was a fearfully cold day, with occasional snow flurries, so I quickly bundled the lambs into the car and headed home. Before leaving to collect the lambs, I had converted a corner of the barn into a cosy pen and once home, having enjoyed bottles of warm milk the lambs settled in and promptly went to sleep.

For the past few weeks, the lambs have settled into a routine and are now drinking their bottles without difficulty and also nibbling away at the creep. Just a few more days, hopefully some warmer weather, and I shall be able to let the lambs into the paddock for short periods.

For someone who usually doesn't know or care what day or time it is, since the arrival of the orphan lambs, I have become a clock watcher. My day is now broken up into fitting everything in between four hourly feeds. It is not even a four hour span as before giving the lambs the feed, I have to prepare and bottle the milk, and once the lambs have been fed, (usually takes about forty minutes) I have to clean and sterilize the bottles, teats, bowls and jugs. No, I am not complaining, just saying how it is.

My turkeys have finally come into lay and I now have some eggs in the incubators with the expected hatching dates of 25th-29th of April. At the time of writing, I only have two small incubators working, but hopefully I shall have enough eggs soon to get the other two operating. If interested, you can always catch up with my turkey happenings on my little Cornwall Turkeys site Click Here

It has been a tough time for me recently trying to cope with my workload and much as I may try to deny it, the years are starting to catch up with me. Eventually, I realised that I had to 'let go' of something. Thus, it is with regret I have to let you know that a couple of weeks ago, we sold the Brit-Gen site to Forces Reunited - hence the missing section from this newsletter. I am certain that the Brit-Gen forum, with Forces Reunited at the helm, will continue to go from strength to strength. The good thing, for me anyway, is that I am now down to a more reasonable working day.

Helen, from Australia, was the winner of the free gift for March. It is a super book, Helen, (now winging its way to you) and I hope you find it very useful. I would appreciate it if you could let me know that the book arrived safely.

Just after the last newsletter was sent out, I received a telephone call from Elizabeth in Swansea. Now Liz actually called to speak to Frank and place her order, but as it was pouring with rain, Frank was outside putting the turkeys to bed. Liz thought it was most amusing that although they are my turkeys, Frank was getting soaked and I stayed nice and dry. No point in getting older if you do not get any wiser, Liz!

Derek, emailed to let me know another way of increasing font size and this is what he said; To increase or decrease the font size it's much easier to hold down Ctrl and use your scroll button to up and down the size. Works on all web pages. A veritable font of information amongst our readers!

David, from Grantchester, was disappointed that we didn't attend the WDYTYA event at Olympia this year as he was hoping to meet us. We haven't been to that event for a couple of years David, as it means four days in London and I do not feel comfortable being away from the farm for that length of time.

Lynne, wrote to say that she had never before heard of Lancashire Parkin. Scrumptious cake, Lynne, but far too moorish for those of us on diets!

Quote for the month: Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why its called the present.

Right folks! Are you now ready to browse all the new products we have for you this month? Today, with my mug of coffee, I have a slice (small piece, honestly!) of home made Simnel Cake. What are you munching on?


New Products & Suppliers

The Wakefield and District Family History Society, has three more parish register booklets for you to look at. Just perfect if your ancestors originated from the Wakefield area of Yorkshire.

Catherine, from the Abertay Historical Society, has this new book available. Now, this really is my kind of book; rugged landscape, beautiful scenery and peace, perfect peace.

My chum Jean, from the Kent Family History Society, has a huge pile of parish registers for you to look at. If your ancestors came from Kent, you will be in heaven!

Pete, from the Parish Register Transcription Society, has a new Sussex transcription available called Eartham Parish Registers 1591-1912.

Malcolm, from the Gwent Family History Society, has two new CDs for you to look at, so do please take a peek.

Ann, from the Morley and District Family History Group, let me know about five more publications they have for sale. Your volunteers are working well, Ann!

The Fenland Family History Society have a new CD for you titled Walpole St. Peter Burials and Monumental Inscriptions.

Frank and I are delighted to welcome Pamela Cooksey to the Parish Chest. If you have an interest in Quakers, just take a look at these items.

Jen, of Leicestershire Parish Registers, has just completed the transcription of Hallaton Parish Registers 1563-1877. Nice going, Jen.

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