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I apologise for the newsletter being so late, but as many of you will know, this is a very busy time for me with hatching and rearing the turkey poults. Taking advantage of all the fine weather (it has been super, hasn't it?) Frank and I have also been erecting new turkey breeding sheds and cultivating large areas of previously unused land.

Once upon a time, we could do this digging work without difficulty, but nowadays the years are beginning to tell and the old bones and muscles are starting to retaliate! Still, the hard work is almost over and as Frank has now booked a cruise, we have a holiday in November to look forward to. A couple of weeks of relaxation in the sunshine; no digging, no carrying concrete blocks or cement - how will I cope?

Despite the dreadful spring weather, I have had a really successful time with hatching and rearing my poults this season. Most of the time, five incubators have been operating and I have never obtained less than a 90% hatch rate, which I think is pretty good. You can keep up with all the turkey news at Cornwall Turkeys Click Here

How many of you know about Huguenot ancestry? Although I have been involved with family history for a great many years, I was unsure what Huguenot ancestry was really all about and thought it was time that I expanded my knowledge. I swiped some information from Wikipedia and also contacted the Society for more details - thanks Peter.

The Huguenots were members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France during the 16th and 17th centuries. French Protestants were inspired by the writings of John Calvin in the 1530s, and they had become known as Huguenots by the 1560s. By the end of the 17th century and into the 18th century, roughly 500,000 Huguenots had fled France during a series of religious persecutions.

The Huguenot Society was founded by Directors of The French Hospital in 1885, the bicentenary year of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, to promote the publication and interchange of knowledge about the Huguenots in Great Britain and Ireland and to form a bond of fellowship among those who, whether or not of Huguenot descent, respect and admire them and seek to perpetuate their memory.

Although originally a learned society, the Huguenot Society has also acquired a strong family history dimension in recent years. Of particular interest also to those researching their family history is the collection of Huguenot pedigrees and other genealogical material made by the late Henry Wagner (see Quarto Series Volume 60). Material has also been deposited by family historians researching their ancestors' names and is classified in Family Research files.

If you have Huguenot ancestry, or even just an interest in Huguenots, the publications of the Huguenot Society of Great Brirain and Ireland are available at Parish Chest Click Here

Well, I only mentioned it a month or so ago, but my chums, Jan and Doug have managed to set up their new family history forum already and it is a cracker! I asked them to tell me about it and Jan says, "We started this forum as we wanted a place that was friendly, yet professional and where people could 'kick off their shoes', get comfy and feel at home whilst they delve into the past. We wanted to be able to help people who are both new to exploring their family trees as well as offer a different perspective for seasoned researchers. Our aim is to offer mutual FREE help to each other in tracing our ancestors, following our family trees, and putting flesh on the skeletons that we discover. If we do not know an answer we will certainly be able to point members in the right direction to find one."

The name of this new forum? Genealogy Specialists - Tracing Our Past, Discovering Our Genes, affectionately known as TOP DOG. Why not pop over and join. It is FREE Click Here

Many congratulations to Janet of Yorkshire for being the 'big spender' in May. The book has been sent to you and I really hope you are enjoying it.

Okay! Time to review the new products that we have for you this month. No cake or biscuits for me this time as I am on a very strict diet. When the waistband on my jeans starts getting tight, then I know I need to diet and trust me, my waistband is tight!


New Products & Suppliers

Gillian, from the Lincolnshire Family History Society, sent me details about the new books and CDs the society has produced. Do take a peek!

Malcolm, of the Gwent Family History Society, has two new CDs. Your volunteers are working well, Malcolm!

My chum Pete, from the Parish Register Transcription Society, has three new CDs for you. Good work, Pete!

Two overseas parish register transcriptions on CD from Eileen, of Kabristan Archives.

My chum, David, from the Worcestershire Parish Record Society, has a wonderful new CD for you to look at.

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society has produced two more of their excellent parish register CDs, one of which covers five parishes.

Family Tree June 2013 is on sale now, packed with insider tips on how to write your family history. Plus, discover if you have what it takes to turn your family history hobby into a successful business! Also inside this issue, how to find BMD certificates; Irish research sources; understand genetic ancestry; alternatives to service records; your stories; & more, Plus, free digital data for every reader!

Jen, of Leicestershire Parish Registers, has now transcribed Peckleton Parish Registers 1568-1919 and Bottesford Parish Registers 1563-1910. Nice work, Jen!

The second issue of the wonderful Discover your Ancestors magazine is now available. Be sure and get your copy.

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