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Wow! I do not know what it is like in your part of the world, but just when I had almost given up hope, here in Truro, summer has arrived at last.

It is a real delight to wander through the yard just as dawn is breaking, smelling the delicious perfumes of honeysuckle, lavender and roses. Work which can feel really tedious in bad weather becomes a joy to do.

It is so wonderful not to have to trudge through mud, weighted down with wet weather gear!

Frank, John and I have been making good use of this fine weather and have been really busy building new turkey housing and pens. Two of the pens are completed and three are waiting for some timber and wire. Not too long now before the adult turkeys can move into their new homes.

One of the chaps who is buying some of my 'off heat' poults couldn't collect them on the due date (family problems) so rather than keep the poults inside in the nursery pens, I utilised one of the new houses and moved the chickadees out there. The poults are having a wonderful time pecking at the grass and playing in the sunshine. If you would like to keep up with my prattle about turkeys, please visit my turkey web site, Click Here

Frank and I are taking the Parish Chest display stand to the SWAG Fair at Weston super Mare on Saturday, 13th. July. Due to commitments at home, it is the only event we are able to attend this year and I do hope that some of you are able to pop along for a chat. Oh yes, almost forgot to warn you that Jan, alias the Daft Bat will be with us, so don't forget your ear defenders!

Do you remember that I mentioned Jan's and Doug's new forum in last month's Chin Wag? Well, I had this lovely feedback from them:

"After the mention of Genealogy Specialists (Top Dog) by you in last month's newsletter, our membership almost doubled overnight! We were absolutely blown away with the response, so a big THANK YOU to you and Parish Chest. We are getting some great queries - from helping people to date photographs to looking for Canadian ancestors; from discussion about how best to save your research for future generations to helping to read census entries. We are certainly receiving an eclectic mix of questions and, of course, the members are all pulling together to help solve our ancestral mysteries. It is free to register and free to use with no costs, hidden or otherwise, and we are "meeting" people from all over the world. Thank you, Pam!"

If you would like to join Top Dog as it is affectionately known, just pop along to the Genealogy Specialists web site Click Here I know you will receive a terrific welcome.

I have my cup of coffee ready, black and strong, but no cake or biscuits as I am on a diet...still! I think it is grossly unfair that it is so easy to put weight on and so darned had to get rid of it.

Okay! It is almost time for me to start packing the things we need for the SWAG event Click Here so are you ready to take a peek at all the new items for this month? Okay, then let's get started.


New Products & Suppliers

Natalie, from Family Tree magazine, sent me this information about the July issue:- Family Tree July 2013 is on sale now, brimming with 40 unmissable sources to turn to again and again. Also inside this issue; using parish registers; marriage myths exposed; casualty records; archives in the digital age; writing your family history; feminism; ancestors on holiday; sewing for work and pleasure; your stories; & more. Plus, free digital data for every reader!

Malcolm, of the Gwent Family History Society, sent me the details of the three latest parish register CDs released by the society. They look to be real good 'uns, Malcolm!

Jean, from the Kent Family History Society, let me have details of the seven latest parish registers and MIs fiche. Plenty of information for those with Kentish ancestors, Jean.

Jen, of Leicestershire Parish Registers, has just completed Loughborough All Saints Parish Records 1538-1913. Jen tells me that it has only taken her fifteen years to complete this transcription!

John, from the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society, sent me details of the new local history book which is available.

I have no idea where he finds the time, but Guy, of Anguline Research Archives, has produced six new CDs for you to browse through.

Mary, from the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, said they now have the Drypool and Sculcoates Parish Registers available on CD.

William, and the team from Sussex Genealogy, have re-vamped their parish registers and all at bargain prices. Do take a peek!

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