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Notable Sussex Women - 580 Biographical Sketches

Notable Sussex Women - 580 Biographical Sketches

Notable Sussex Women - 580 Biographical Sketches

Ref: HPL-BK05

Supplied by Hastings Press.

Among the 580 outstanding women featured are:-

A lady who proved the earth was flat and two who circumnavigated it!
a gardener with terrapins in her bra
a white woman who led a protest march of twenty thousand black Africans
a female colonel who married a woman
the inventor of the A-Z
a Gaiety Girl who became an MP
a survivor of the Titanic disaster
a woman who climbed and perished on K2
an heiress who gave away £12million
the first female doctor, surgeon, prison governor, prison inspector, ordained minister
the founders of the Women's Police Service; Girton College; Norland nannies
suffragettes who torched an MP's house, sailed over Westminster in a balloon; died for the cause
the first female pilot to fly Halifax bombers
the wealthiest prostitute in London
the first celebrity ballroom dancer; the first TV chef
a double bigamist
the first Englishwoman to swim the Channel
a rally driver who beat Stirling Moss
a beautiful actress from whose slipper men drank champagne
the pioneer of allotments
The Lady of the Nuggets; the Queen of Chess; the Silver Lady; the Queen of the Witches
a harpsichordist with a menage a cinq
writers of books deemed 'obscene' and 'grossly immoral'
the richest working woman in the world
an instigator of a hundred court cases
the photographer who was a Russian spy
Siamese Twin entertainers
a secretary to six British Prime Ministers
Jim's Wife - who was married to Clement
a competitor in thirteen Wimbledon finals
a countess who founded sixty chapels
a nun who secretly designed Royal Doulton china
a titled lady who bred silkworms
the first heroines to receive the Military Medal and Lloyd's Medal for Bravery at Sea.

* 580 women
* 170 towns
* 336 pages, of which 32 pages are gloss plates containing 63 photos
* 189 illustrations within the text

Hardback (ppc)

By award-winning author Helena Wojtczak.
Published 2008.

ISBN 978-1904-109-150