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Railwaywomen: Exploitation, Betrayal & Triumph in the Workplace

Railwaywomen: Exploitation, Betrayal & Triumph in the Workplace

Railwaywomen: Exploitation, Betrayal & Triumph in the Workplace

Ref: HPL-BK01

Supplied by Hastings Press.

From 1840s crossing keepers to 21st century train drivers: a unique book about women working on Britain's railways.

This book is a major contribution to the sphere of labour history as it is the only one ever written which covers the subject of women's role in the history and development of railways in Britain from one of the earliest horse-drawn waggonways in 1717 to the present day.

The book draws almost exclusively on primary sources including unique access to railway union minute books and interviews with women workers to produce a work which is immensely informative whilst also being entertaining and easily readable.

It is lavishly illustrated with 125 photographs, the majority of which have never been published before.

The book is arranged chronologically, and from the Second World War onwards, includes first hand accounts of women’s experiences as well as archive material to give a real insight into these pioneers in a male dominated world.

All aspects of work are covered from office workers and women in workshops and catering as well as the breakthrough into actual operating roles as guards, drivers, signallers and track workers, to today’s high-flying managers and executives.

On the way it charts the reactions of the male workforce, management and unions to women workers, often with surprising conclusions.

The final part of the book contains the author’s considered and well argued views on the changing attitudes to railway women through more than 150 years of history and she is well qualified to comment on the latter part of this period this as, at the age of 19, she was the first female guard to be employed by British Rail.

384 pages hardback.
Over 100 pages of photos.
171mm x 246mm

ISBN 9781904109044