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Sabotage and Subversion: The SOE and OSS at War

Sabotage and Subversion: The SOE and OSS at War

Ref: MJB-CB24

Supplied by MJ Books.

The shadowy but nonetheless invaluable undercover work of the American OSS in the Second World War, usually behind enemy lines or close to the hard action, needs no invention to make its retelling a tale of extraordinary courage and daring.

In this enthralling compilation of thirteen specific operations Ian Dear allows this natural excitement through as he describes the inspired work of saboteurs as they set about code breaking, blockade running, kidnapping, forging, raiding, assassinating, and demolishing the odd bridge. This is all-action adventure in Europe, Burma and the Far East, a fitting tribute to the unsung heroes of the SOE and OSS.

By Ian Dear

Publishers: Cassell Military Paperbacks. Publishing Date: 2002
Cover Type: Paperback
Number Pages: 224. Book Dimensions (Approx): 13 x 20 cms
General Condition: Brand New.