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The Taste of Battle: Front Line Action 1914-1991

The Taste of Battle: Front Line Action 1914-1991

Ref: MJB-CB16

Supplied by MJ Books.

Few people today have any experience of real war; even regular soldiers can serve their career without ever experiencing first-hand the horror of battle. Yet our fascination with combat persists. What is it like? How does the ordinary soldier find the inner strength to go on? The Taste of Battle explores these questions, in a unique and well-researched narrative, Bryan Perrett follows twelve fictional soldiers, volunteers, professionals and conscripts alike, through the landmark conflicts of the twentieth century - from Mons in 1918 to the Second World War, the jungles of Malays and Vietnam, and the sands of Kuwait.

These are stories of front- line action at section, platoon and company level, as seen through the eyes of the men who have no idea of the grand plan, never see a general, but whose actions and courage make the difference between defeat and victory. This is the real taste of battle, as courage, loyalty and duty are put to the ultimate test under the most terrible of circumstances.

By Bryan Perrett

Publishers: Cassell Military Paperbacks. Publishing Date: 2001
Cover Type: Paperback
Number Pages: 255. Book Dimensions (Approx): 13 x 20 cms
General Condition: Brand New.