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World War Two: The Untold Story

World War Two: The Untold Story

Ref: MJB-CB26

Supplied by MJ Books.

The distinguished military historian Philip Warner based this history of the war, on the secret battles as much as the open warfare, on intelligence material that had not been previously available.

The result is a vivid, concise and meaningful account of what was really happening day-by-day through the war, and why.

He shows how the Allies’ success was the result of a combination of factors, not least their increasing awareness of enemy intentions as they broke through German and Japanese codes. It was a war in which intelligence and interpretation came to play a major role.

By: P Warner

Publishers: Cassell Military Paperbacks. Publishing Date: 2003
Cover Type: Paperback
Number Pages: 308. Book Dimensions (Approx): 13 x 20 cms
General Condition: Brand New.