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 1801, 1811 & 1821 Hendon Middlesex Census

1801, 1811 & 1821 Hendon Middlesex Census

Ref: ARB-C1801-21H

Supplied by Archive CD Books Ltd.

Hendon census only.

Scanned from the original census books (not film) in grey scale for the highest possible quality.

Preserved censuses older than 1841 are incredibly rare! Details included are not the same as in the post 1841 censuses, for example, the 1821 includes:
Name of the head of household, How many families occupying the dwelling, Occupation of head of household. Number of people in household occupied as labourers or agricultural labourers, Number of persons (including children of whatever age, with 5 year breakdown), Remarks including: Rent, Number of windows, Number of dogs.

One of the fascinating techniques to use on these is to compare them with later censuses to establish parents of people who appear in, say, the 1861 census. For example, in the 1861 census we see Henry Cowley, head, age 53 (with wife and first child Joseph), and in the 1821 Hendon census we see a Joseph Cowley, with one son aged between 10 and 15. Henry! Or the Thomas Crane in 1881, who is likely to be the 21 year old in the 1821 census, whose father was John Crane.

Images reproduced with the kind permission of The London Borough of Barnet who hold the copyright to the original books.