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1841 Middlesex Census 60

1841 Middlesex Census  CD60

1841 Middlesex Census CD60

Ref: ARB-C1841MDX60

Supplied by Archive CD Books Ltd.

HO 107/721 St Gabriel Fenchurch-Street,
HO 107/721 St George Botolph-Lane,
HO 107/721 St Gregory by St Paul,
HO 107/721 St Helen Bishopsgate,
HO 107/721 St James Dukes-Place,
HO 107/721 St James Garlick-Hythe,
HO 107/721 St John the Baptist, Walbrook,
HO 107/721 St John the Evangelist,
HO 107/721 St John Zachary,
HO 107/721 St Katherine Coleman,
HO 107/721 St Katherine Cree-Church or Christchurch,
HO 107/721 St Lawrence Old Jewry,
HO 107/721 St Lawrence Pountney,
HO 107/721 St Leonard Eastcheap,
HO 107/721 St Leonard Foster-Lane,
HO 107/721 St Magnus by London Bridge,
HO 107/721 St Margaret Lothbury,
HO 107/721 St Margaret Moses,
HO 107/721 St Margaret New Fish-Street,
HO 107/721 St Margaret Pattens,
HO 107/721 St Martin Ironmonger Lane,
HO 107/721 St Martin Ludgate,
HO 107/721 St Martin Orgars,
HO 107/721 St Martin Outwich,
HO 107/721 St Martin Vintry,
HO 107/722 St Mary Abchurch,
HO 107/722 St Mary Aldermanbury with St Thomas,
HO 107/722 St Mary Aldermary,
HO 107/722 St Mary Bothaw,
HO 107/722 St Mary Colechurch,
HO 107/722 St Mary Magdalen Milk-Street,
HO 107/722 St Mary Magdalen Old Fish-Street,
HO 107/722 St Mary Mounthaw,
HO 107/722 St Mary Somerset,
HO 107/722 St Mary Staining,
HO 107/722 St Mary Woolchurch-Haw,
HO 107/722 St Mary Woolnoth,
HO 107/722 St Mary-at-Hill,
HO 107/722 St Mary-le-Bow,
HO 107/722 St Matthew Friday-Street,
HO 107/722 St Michael Bassishaw,
HO 107/722 St Michael Cornhill,
HO 107/722 St Michael Crooked-Lane,
HO 107/722 St Michael Paternoster-Royal,
HO 107/722 St Michael Queenhithe,
HO 107/722 St Michael Wood-Street,
HO 107/722 St Michael-le-Quern,
HO 107/722 St Mildred Bread-Street,
HO 107/722 St Mildred Poultry,
HO 107/722 St Nicholas Acons,
HO 107/722 St Nicholas Cole-Abbey,
HO 107/722 St Nicholas Olave.