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9 Generation Single Line Renaissance Chart (A3)

9 Generation Single Line Renaissance Chart (A3)

9 Generation Single Line Renaissance Chart (A3)


Supplied by Maxbal Genealogy.

A stunning series of full colour charts on silk finished paper that allows you to create the perfect family tree chart just the way you want it at a fraction of the cost of a custom designed chart. You can include siblings, 2nd marriages your children, grandchildren and full colour photographs.

The charts use our transparent polyester stickers in two sizes - 72 x 63.5 mm (12 per sheet) and 48.9 x 29.6 mm (36 per sheet). Every chart is supplied with enough stickers to fill every box. You can even add your own title for the 7 generation chart by using one of the stickers. The stickers are for use with inkjet printers only.

This chart displays 9 generations of a single line of direct line ancestors. It is usually configured to display a direct line of male ancestors. The two outside columns of boxes are used to show siblings but can be used to show spouse details when they are not included in the central box. The chart is A3 size (297 x 420 mm) and is ready for framing

Every chart comes with full instructions. Just download the sticker templates that we have created for you, fill them in with your own information then print and stick them on the chart. We also have completed example templates which you can modify with your own text and graphics.