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Heritage & Irish Research

I have been involved in Family History Research for over thirty years and have been obsessed with history all my life. As I have lived in several different countries, the Irish Diaspora is a special passion of mine. I have an Hons Degree in Irish Studies and Social Research and also worked in museums and as a Researcher for the UK Police.
I currently live in the West of Ireland amongst the prehistoric landscapes of the Ox Mountains and the North Mayo Coast.

I have a special interest in the Irish Diaspora and have an Hons Degree in Irish Studies and Social Research. I have worked for the UK Police as a Researcher and am currently studying with The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies.

I live on the North Mayo coast near to the pre-historic farmsteads of Belderrig and Ceide.

Initially, the detailed research is confined to Co. Mayo. However I can do Civil Registration lookups for all Counties.