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Mike Rendell

"Mike comes from a family of inveterate hoarders - papers dating back to the 1600's are stockpiled in trunks, boxes and bookcases. Some of these include the diaries, journals, accounts - even shopping lists - kept by his 4xGreat Grandfather Richard Hall who lived between 1729 and 1801. He was a hosier i.e. maker of silk stockings and as he prospered he moved his shop and home to Number One London Bridge - hence his was the very first shop people would encounter as they entered the City via London Bridge.

Mike retired as a lawyer 7 years ago and has used his time to collate this treasure trove of information and to publish it as a social history - the 18th Century world seen through the eyes of his ancestor."

The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman

The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman

Ref: DMR-01

Supplied by Mike Rendell. ...


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