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A History of Ebberston

A History of Ebberston

Ref: YKS-gw202

Supplied by Yorkshire Ancestors.

Written in 1994, reproduced with kind permission of Mr C P Evans. In 1991/1992 The University of Hull in conjunction with the Workers' Education Association ran a course on Village History in Ebberston. The course looked at a number of documents held by Ebberston Parish Council, including the article on the village library by W.P. Baker (who had both lived in Ebberston and had lectured on Local History for the WEA), and the description of Ebberston in the 1850s by Charles Metcalfe together with other documents listed on page 58. It was felt that these documents and other material would be of interest to a wider audience and that an attempt should be made to publish as many as possible of them.