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Ceylon Graveyards - Colombo Vol. I

Ceylon Graveyards - Colombo Vol. I

Ceylon Graveyards - Colombo Vol. I

Ref: KAB-44

Supplied by Kabristan Archives.

A collection of memorials (about 775) and biographical details from surveys and written records is recorded in this publication the first since 1913.

Several tombstones have been lost from the early 20th century survey but many others not previously recorded were found in this later survey in 2008.

Soldiers, planters mainly Scottish, missionaries, merchants and adventurers swarmed to the island swarmed to the island which promised them easy pickings and handsome salaries, turning it into an elite club where dynasties flourished and nepotism prevailed.

The history of these European rulers can be found in their churches. However time passes and the foreigners have gone, fifty years after independence three cemeteries have vanished under redevelopment fortunately not all was lost, some of the tombstones were removed to the Dutch Church Wolvendaal and Colombo General Cemetery.

Together with some biographical details here are the fragmented remains of a few who spent their lives in the service of the British Crown in Ceylon.

By Eileen Hewson. Kabristan Archives 2008 98 pages. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-906276-17-1