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County Map of Lancashire 1611 (A3)

County Map of Lancashire 1611 (A3)

County Map of Lancashire 1611 (A3)

Ref: MSK-E021A

Supplied by Mapseeker.

This map by John Speed 1611 of Lancashire is beautifully decorated. As the county is long and narrow, the scale is much smaller than Speed's other maps and the border areas show portraits of prominent figures of the Houses of Lancaster and York, with two short stories of them.

The coat of arms of Edward Crouchback, Earl of Lancaster, and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster are also shown. Although Manchester was well established as a textile centre at this time Lancaster's town is depicted on the map probably because its castle was the county headquarters.

The map shows Liverpool, a fishing village many years before it transformed into one of the largest and famous sea ports in the World. The inset plan of Lancaster has a legend detailing the streets and main buildings of the town. Ships and sea monsters are shown in the sea area.

First published in 1611, today the work of John Speed is regarded highly by ardent map collectors, historians and artists, due to the intricate nature and artistic beauty of the maps.

A3 Photographic Print.