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Family History CD (USA & Canada)

Family History CD (USA & Canada)

Ref: FHCD-USA-01

Supplied by The Jefferson Project.

Put your precious memories on CD to present, share, and archive. Examples of Uses
• Family History
• Family reunion on CD
• Photo scrapbook on CD
• Wedding Photo CD
• Company business card on CD
• Conference syllabus on CD
• Cemetery Documentation on CD Interesting points
• Fast and easy to use
• Automatic slide show
• Burns the CD for you
• Create your own Title Screen
• CD’s run automatically in Windows
• On-screen help system
• Add any type of file (documents, pictures, audio/video clips, GED-COM, etc.)
• Make as many CD’s as you like-inexpensive way to share heritage
• Just point-and-click to run finished CD’s
• Create mouse-activated face labels Minimum Hardware Requirements

• Windows 95 or later • Pentium II • CD burner • 85 MB hard drive space.