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Graveyard Explorers Guide To Monumental Symbolism Displayed On Eighteenth Century Headstones

Graveyard Explorers Guide To Monumental Symbolism Displayed On Eighteenth Century Headstones

Graveyard Explorers Guide To Monumental Symbolism Displayed On Eighteenth Century Headstones


Supplied by Dartmoor Press.

The original idea for creating this CD was to provide interested amateur enthusiasts and local history and family history researchers with a guide to monumental symbolism on C18th headstones, illustrating the discussions with photographic examples.

However, the vast capacity of a CD has allowed the initial concept to be expanded to include some notes on contemporary poetic epitaphs, and two supplementary folders on those subjects have been added to the CD, together with a list of monumental masons of the period.

All of the titles (folders and files) are largely the results of extensive exploration and research conducted by the author (seller) during the 1990s, some of which results were at the time privately published in very limited quantities as text only booklets for members of local history societies etc.

For the purposes of the CD, those original texts have been extensively revised and collated with other hitherto unpublished observations and notes to provide more expansive discussions and commentaries than was previously feasible in slim printed booklets.

Those original notes have also been updated and supplemented with more recent observations, for the author has in recent years (post-2000) revisited all of the churches and churchyards in the area of interest covered, not only to gather further data on some aspects of the original research, but more particularly with a view to vastly expanding the range of photos and the topics covered by them.

The folders/files on the CD contain (brief summary of contents):

Guide to Monumental Symbolism: 230+ Photos; Equivalent of 47 Pages of A4 Text
Headtsone Rubbings (Symbols): 40+ Photos; Equivalent of 8 Pages of A4 Text
Poetic Epitaphs - Mortality of Man: 12+ Photos; Equivalent of 43 Pages of A4 Text
Poetic Epitaphs - Shaugh Prior: 45+ Photos; Equivalent of 27 Pages of A4 Text
Monumental Masons (West Devon) List/Dates: Equivalent of 6 Pages of A4 Text

That’s a total of 300+ Photos and Over 125 Pages of Text. All available at just a click of the mouse! :-) Although only a relatively small number of Devon churchyards are covered by the discussions and accompanying photos, the general commentaries of course have much wider application, as very similar symbols to those discussed and illustrated can be found on headstones almost throughout the nation, subject of course to the suitability (or otherwise) of the local rock type.

The author hopes that all users will find the contents of this CD informative and enjoyable. And it is hoped that the notes and photos will not only lead users to a greater appreciation and understanding of the headstones in their own local churchyards (or those in which their research interests lie) but might also perhaps encourage them to explore other churchyards somewhat further afield, beyond their immediate spheres of interest, perhaps when holidaying in other areas of the country. For, as a number of mainstream authors have been at pains to demonstrate and illustrate, there is so much to discover and enjoy during even a brief exploration of any ancient rural English churchyard (and also from the older urban churchyards which still survive in some towns and cities).

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