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History, Topography and Directory of North Yorkshire, etc.

History, Topography and Directory of North Yorkshire, etc.

History, Topography and Directory of North Yorkshire, etc.

Ref: HIN-14

Supplied by Yorkshire CD Books.

Bulmer's 1890 & 1891

The 1890 version of this book covers the whole of the North Riding. The 1891 edition (volume 2) is identical to the back half of the 1890 edition (even down to the page numbers), but contains additionally the information for the Claro wapentake (West Riding). This CD contains the whole of the 1890 edition plus all the non-duplicated pages from the 1891 edition, and is presented to the user as a single book.

The format of the two Bulmer's books is a fairly standard 'History and Directory' format, with the Histories being more detailed than the equivalent White's/Pigot's/Baines' (but see Whellans North Yorks below). The 1890 book has some 1176 pages plus a few advertisements, and the 1891 book starts at page 637 (of the 1890 edition) and continues up from 1177 to 1238 to cover the Claro Wapentake. The particular volume of Bulmer's 1890 also includes the coloured map of the North Riding (which is normally missing) - a scan of this is included. Most of the Directory of Trades and Professions sections (roughly equivalent of todays Yellow Pages) are divided into 'Farmers' and 'others'. The larger towns however (e.g. Scarborough and Middlesbrough) have both alphabetic by surname and alphabetic by trade/profession - the same names do not always occur in both for some reason. Both books have a comprehensive index of places and both sets of pages for these are included on the CD, as are the indexes for the Subjects, Persons and Families.

Whellan's 1857, 1859 and 1871

These books give a fairly detailed history for the City of York and the North Riding of Yorkshire with a good index. Unlike Bulmer's North Yorkshire, these volumes contain no directories of trades and professions, but the historical and topographical information is more detailed and contains many references to people by name.

Langdale's Topographical Dictionary, 1822:

This book contains no directories, only Topographical information. It is however comprehensive in its coverage, covering Towns, Villages and Hamlets, and in some cases giving single houses too. The information given is divided into three Ridings, the Ainsty and City of York being included with the West Riding. Also included is a list of magistrates and Deputy Lieutenants for each of the Ridings, with Officers of the Liberties where relevant.
At the back of the book is:

* a description of the Rivers and Canals,
* a list of the Viscounts and High Sheriffs of the county
* a list of the eminent men noticed in the book
* the names of Noblemen and Gentlemen who have seats in the county

The quality of the printing of this book is anything but good in some places and should really be scanned in colour photographic mode. However to do this requires two CDs for this book alone due to the resulting files being so large, so it is presented to you as black and white with every page being readable but the text not being as good as I would have liked it to have been.

New Format. 6 Books on one CDrom. T. Bulmer and Co., T. Whelan and Co. & T. Langdale.

Please note that these are books scanned onto CDs, not the actual books.