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Huguenot Families No. 12

Huguenot Families No. 12

Ref: HUG-23

Supplied by the Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland.

Issue 12

Introduction, Michael Gandy, page 2
The Lys Family from Plassac, Edwin Evans, 4
Huguenot Wills in the Surrey Archdeaconry Court, transcribed by Cliff Webb, 14
Family Trees – The Lepine Family, 16
The Lamy / Lami Family, 17
Bequests to the Westminster French Protestant School, 1758 – 1822, list prepared by
Margaret Harcourt Williams, 18
The Guichenet Family from Bordeaux, John Guichenet, 22
The Raby and Flawn Families, C J S Flawn, 24
More Huguenot Marriages, Michael Gandy, 26: St Paul Shadwell 1740-54;
St Mary, Bromley by Bow 1738-54; St Leonard, Shoreditch March 1754-August 1757