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Huguenot Families No. 1

Huguenot Families No. 1

Ref: HUG-12

Supplied by the Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland.

Issue 1

Genealogy has its Good and Bad Side – transcript & translation of a text by Philippe Le Noir, page 2
Introducing ‘Huguenot Families’, Michael Gandy, 3
Sent to the Galleys, Michael Gandy, 5
Huguenots in Faversham, Kent, Dr Arthur Percival, 7
Marriages in the Fleet Prison, Michael Gandy, 8
Connected families from Dieppe 1688 – Bertrand De La Mare, Lubias, Sir Peter Leslie, 9
Huguenot Families researched, 12:
Agombar Bertrand Boinet Bouchard Carlier Cavalier
Chaboussant Chappuis Compigne Costebadie Courtauld Daltrey
De Guerin De La Mare Delo Desert Dubourdieu Eglise
Foucar Fourmy Gasson Gasson Gastineau Grellier
Guichenet Hautenville Heudebourck La Fontaine Lanthois Lethieullier
Lettin Luard Lubias Luya Marland Marmoy
Nadal Phene Rambaut Robinet Rondeau Tillyard Trapaud
Research in Progress, 28:
Burree Disspain Gillard Guydon Le Maitre Levesque
Musson Terrier