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Huguenot Families No. 4

Huguenot Families No. 4

Ref: HUG-15

Supplied by the Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland.

Issue 4

Introduction, Michael Gandy, page 2
South Africa’s Huguenots, Randolph Vigne, 2
The Dansays Family, Norman Bishop, 3
The Huguenot Refugee Family of Debonnaire, Emma Monson, 9
More Huguenot Families in Australia, Michael Gandy, 12
James Rondeau, Stan Rondeau, 14
Huguenots at the HEIC College at Addiscombe, Surrey, Tony Fuller, 15
Huguenot families researched, 17:
Girardot Le Gendre Levesque Tabuteau
Research in Progress, 22:
Birocheau Camin
Research Files in the Huguenot Library, Michael Gandy, 23