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Infants in Workhouses (Ireland)

Infants in Workhouses (Ireland)

Infants in Workhouses (Ireland)

Ref: ANG-ARA 641

Supplied by Anguline Research Archives.

Infants in Workhouses (Ireland). Published in 1879. Local Government Board, Dublin Return with Christian & Surname of each of infants born in Irish workhouses, or admitted when healthy under 12 months old, and attempted to be reared therein during 1872, showing what has since become of them. Also a similar return of healthy infants under 12 months old who were sent out to nurse in 1872 by the Board of Guardians in Ireland, and attempted to be reared in homes of foster parents

This cd contains the full returns arranged by Union Workhouse plus the summary.

Machine searchable. A digital version of the original book, in PDF format. Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.