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Isle of Wight Map 1611 (A3)

Isle of Wight Map 1611 (A3)

Isle of Wight Map 1611 (A3)

Ref: MSK-E019A

Supplied by Mapseeker.

By John Speed.

This attractive map by John Speed in 1611 has inset plans of Newport and Southampton and a set of 4 coats of arms shown.

Along the right side of the map are the coats of arms of local nobility. All the settlements of the island have been shown, along with forests such as Kingswood and Avington.

The castles of Sandown and Yarmouth as well as other famous landmarks like the needles are illustrated.

First published in 1611, today the work of John Speed is regarded highly by ardent map collectors, historians and artists, due to the intricate nature and artistic beauty of the maps.

A3 Photographic Print.