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John Stabb 'Some Old Devon Churches' (3 Vols: 1908, 1911, 1916) CD

John Stabb 'Some Old Devon Churches' (3 Vols: 1908, 1911, 1916) CD

John Stabb 'Some Old Devon Churches' (3 Vols: 1908, 1911, 1916) CD


Supplied by Dartmoor Press.

A CD reproduction of John Stabb's three splendid books (the complete series published under this title), originally published by Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co of London between 1908 and 1916. Compiled and produced with diligent care and obvious enthusiasm by their author.

It is always fascinating to read early accounts of buildings (of any type) with which one is familiar through research or casual interest. And enlightening to discover, through such descriptions, other sites which one should add to the visiting list. And the fact that these particular books were (are) illustrated with such a vast number of plates of original photos - a total of 400 over the three volumes - taken by the author makes these works the more valuable for present-day church explorers and family history and local history researchers.

Combined, the authoritative texts and superb black & white photos of the original books provide not only informative period guides but also form very useful research resources. And John Stabb of Torquay would surely have been very pleased to learn (if he could have known) that his splendid tomes have lately been given a new lease of life, around a century after they were originally published, and have now been made available to new generations of church explorers and county researchers through the wonders of the modern computer age.

The Pages of the Historical Books reproduced as CDs/DVDs by Dartmoor Press are all scanned as JPGs, presented on the CDs/DVDs as double-page spreads or as single pages (as appropriate: depending on the original page size). The pages have not been combined as an Acrobat or Adobe file which users have to scroll through, but can be opened and read in sequence just like a book. That not only makes the reading experience more authentic (so to speak). But also makes the folders and files more user friendly, enabling users to go immediately to the page(s) in which they are interested. Many people must find it particularly frustrating having to scroll through umpteen pages of CD/DVD reproductions of books in order to find the required page or entry. Readily accessible (and fairly cheaply available) boons to present-day researchers though those CDs/DVDs obviously are. The method used here enables two folders to be kept open at the same time (one minimised). So that, for example, readers can immediately open a photo referenced in the text, without having to scroll through umpteen pages in order to find it (thereby losing their place in the main text by doing so!).

Once users familiarise themselves with the simple layout of the CD/DVD they will find it very easy to use. Just like a book! Or in this case, books.

Readers will notice a light shadow in the centre of many of the double page spreads of the texts in many titles, and also along the edges of some of the images pages too (where applicable: some titles are text only). It is difficult to perfectly scan the pages of a stitched hardback book. All books should be properly cared for and indeed treasured! And in this case the originals are of course quite valuable collectors' items. It would be an abuse of any book to completely break its spine in order to force the opened double page spreads completely flat. Hence the shadows in the centre 'bulge' at the spine, the presence of which does not impede the ease of reading of the text and hardly impairs the visual appearance of the images (plates, photos, drawings, sketches or illustrations).

Brief Notes on Copyright. As far as the seller is aware, all the books included on the CDs/DVDs are out of copyright, and the seller hopes that no copyrighted material has been inadvertently included on any of them. No breach of copyright ownership is intended and if anyone becomes aware of any oversights please report them to the seller so that those titles can be removed from future CDs/DVDs.