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Masonic Impostors List of Names

Masonic Impostors List of Names

Masonic Impostors List of Names

Ref: ANG-ARA 618

Supplied by Anguline Research Archives.

List of Names of Masonic Impostors and other undeserving persons, who make a practice of habitually seeking assistance from the Almoners' Funds in different parts of the country. Published 1902.

A unique book compiled by an Almoner of a number of Masonic Lodges in an effort to thwart the activities of a number of men who travelled the country soliciting alms from the Brethren.

It includes letters and extracts from the Freemason and the Freemason's Chronicle. A list of names of people fraudulently claiming alms and those "unworthy" of relief. There are numerous reports of trials of such people and a list of prosecutions with a number of photographs of the convicted men.

Machine searchable. A digital version of the original books, in PDF format. Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.