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Wow! Despite all the warnings about the violent storm headed our way, we managed to escape the worst of the bad weather. We did get some very heavy rain and the wind was quite strong, but unlike some parts of the country, we were extremely lucky and came through it unscathed.

I have heard that the weather forecasters are predicting even more storms coming to batter Britain, but I take comfort knowing that we have done everything possible to protect our livestock.

The design for the front of Parish Chest is really coming together now and Frank and I really love the new look. I just hope that you will too. Mark, our technical expert, has been working on the 'back end' of the shop, installing PayPal, etc., and we hope to have everything completed and in full working order in time for the start of the New Year. Exciting times!

It seems to have been a long and busy year, but now our cases are almost packed and Frank and I are getting very excited about our forthcoming holiday in the Caribbean. It is so strange that for years I considered that taking a holiday was a waste of time and money. Now, after more years than I care to remember, I do realise that taking a break from work is an opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries.

Despite the turkey breeding season being long finished, some of my birds are still laying, which is very odd and unexpected. I am now worried that this may cause problems with the 2014 breeding season. Yes, I am just a natural born worrier and know that if I do not have something to fret about, I will find it! If you would like to follow the up to date news about my turkeys, plus anything else I decide to waffle about, then just Click Here

My chum, Jan, newly returned from a holiday in New Zealand, sent me the following news about her forum, Genealogy Specialists:-

"Hi Pam! My brother and I have just returned home from a fantastic couple of weeks in New Zealand where we met a second cousin for the first time. His Gran and our Gran were sisters and so we were able to swap family stories and he will be sending me more information that he wants me to follow up for him. He was most intrigued with Genealogy Specialists (TOP DOG) and, having been offered one of our car stickers, will be looking into joining when their broadband is faster. However, I have since heard that he has put the car sticker in his car so we are now being promoted when he travels around the Coromandel Peninsular. Isn't that great news?"

If you would like to visit Jan's forum, Genealogy Specialists, just Click Here

I am so chuffed that after eating more eggs on my diet than I care to remember, I have finally got my weight down to eight and a half stone and a size 10. To say I am pleased would be the understatement of the century! Now I can enjoy my food on the cruise, knowing at the end of it, I shall still be able to get into my slinky evening dresses!

To celebrate my weight loss and because I really do deserve a treat, today I am having a chocolate cup cake with my coffee! Are you ready to read all about the new products at Parish Chest? Do you have your cuppa to hand? Okay, let's get to it!


New Products & Suppliers

The Wotton under Edge Historical Society has produced a beautiful map and two more lovely books - quite perfect if your ancestors hailed from this area.

We are delighted to welcome the Buckland Brewer History Group to Parish Chest. At present only memberships are available, but they hope to have publications available in the not too distant future.

The Powys Family History Society has added a great many new CDs to their stand, so do please take a look.

Catherine, from the Abertay Historical Society, sent me the details of a new book which is available. This one looks really super, Catherine.

Natalie, from Family Tree, sent me the following information about the December issue of the magazine:- Family Tree December 2013 is on sale now, crammed with ways to solve your family history puzzles. Use our essential advice to trace living relatives and find the Tudors in your tree with our pre-parish registers research special. Also inside this issue... discover PoWs in Britain in WWI; Rotters, rogues & scoundrels: We take a careful peek at black sheep ancestors; Discover what gravestones can reveal about your Scottish ancestors; South Africa research, was your ancestor a VAD?; looking forward to WDYTYA? Live 2014; great gifts for genealogists; special reader offers; your stories; all your favourite regulars & more... Plus, free digital data for every reader!

Just a gentle reminder about the splendid buy one, get one free offer made by Jo and Karen of One Stop Genealogy. Just perfect for slipping into a Christmas stocking!

In the previous newsletter, I forgot to mention the new publications sent to me by the Wakefield and District Family History Society. I do apologise for my oversight, folks. I guess senility is catching up with me!

Gillian, of the Lincolnshire Family History Society, sent me details of four new publications they have for you.

Ron, of Genealogy Printers, has a cracking new chart for you, so please do take a peek.

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