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Philip William Cole

Philip William Cole

Philip William Cole

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As a local Hastings boy Philip was educated at Hastings Grammar School, and later commenced his art training at the Hastings School of Art.

He then moved to Manchester where he worked as a designer for a large fabrics firm and also gained experience as a silversmith. He then continued his studies at King's College London and, ultimately, at the Royal College of Art, South Kensington (1909-1913). He was one of the students selected to carry out art work at the Palace of Peace at The Hague.

In 1914, Philip returned to the Hastings School of Art, this time as its second principal, succeeding Michael Sullivan. His first years there were interrupted by War Service.

He was a member of the Home Guard, and had control of the activation mechanism for the mines in Hastings Park which was to warn of any possible invasion.

He produced paintings in watercolour and oil, metalwork (models were presented to Montgomery and Churchill for instance, when they became freemen of the Town), and stained glass windows. He has a street in Hastings - Philip Cole Close - named after him.

He was a member of the Old Hastings Preservation Society, and a founder of the Fisherman's Museum in Hastings.

ISBN: 0956320805