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Prosperity to this Parish

Prosperity to this Parish

Prosperity to this Parish

Ref: RED-01

Supplied by the Redmarley Historical Society.

A history of Redmarley D'Abitot by Eric Warde.

An explanation of the derivation of the intriguing title of the book is provided at the beginning. In 1743 when a bell from the parish church of Redmarley was re-cast, Abraham and John Rudhall inscribed it with this message of goodwill. Unfortunately prosperity did not touch all villagers as over a century later some children walked to school ‘in all weathers, all too frequently poorly clothed and shod and inadequately fed.’

The book contains many illustrations, mainly black and white photographs of the centre of the village, sports teams, the larger houses and their associated families. The reproduction of the colour photographs is superb.

“Prosperity to the Parish” has continued the line of histories of Redmarley stretching back over a century. It covers the development of this scattered community which leads to an understanding of Redmarley today giving a sense of belonging.