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Richmondshire Churches

Richmondshire Churches

Richmondshire Churches

Ref: HIN-89

Supplied by Yorkshire CD Books.

Richmondshire Churches by H. B. McCall contains over 250 pages, and well over 50 plates.

It deals with 10 churches mainly in the S.E. part of Richmondshire: Burneston, Catterick, Hornby, Kirkby Wiske, Kirklington, Patrick Brompton, Pickhill, Wath and Wensley.

There are around 20 pages for each church and these include lots of names of the people concerned, lists of Clergy, a description of the church and a history of the church.

There are several pedigrees (or part pedigrees) for some of the more influential families: Harrison of York, Mountford of Hornby, Lascelles of Breckenborough and Sowerby, Musters, Wandesford, Neville (1209-1270), Scrope, and the Descent of the Manors of Tanfield and Wath.