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Richmondshire Volumes I & II

Richmondshire Volumes I and II

Richmondshire Volumes I and II

Ref: HIN-15

Supplied by Yorkshire CD Books.

These two books were published in 1906 and 1908.

Volume I being entitled 'Richmondshire and the Vale of Mowbray', and Volume II being entitled: 'Richmondshire, an account of the History and Antiquities, Characters and customs, and Legendary Lore.' There are some 434 pages in Volume I, and 703 in Volume II.

To quote from the preface of Volume I: 'If any excuse be needed for a Preface, it must be found in the Writer's desire to draw attention to the compelling motive for this work--that love of the Beautiful and the Fugitive in Nature and Man's handiwork which he would have others enjoy . Scenery, remains, and the glories of Earth and Sky repeat themselves with the pageant of the Seasons ; but much of ancient monument, and more of Local Custom and Tradition pass away . A Chronicler's labour, before it is too late, is never all 'Love's Labour Lost'.

2 books on one CDrom Edmund Bogg.

Please note that these are books scanned onto CDs, not the actual books.