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Southport Map 1845

Southport Map 1845

Southport Map 1845

Ref: HCY-41

Supplied by Heritage Cartography.

Southport in 1845 is a very new town developed from two of the most powerful events of the day, the rising early Victorian middle classes and the rapid construction of the railway system.

The wealth generated from the Lancashire cotton, coal and engineering industries, as well as the nearby port of Liverpool, has been available for the developers to plan and build the villas and terraces of the early town for the moneyed families of the county to decamp for the summer months.

The vast line of dunes lining the now famous Southport Sands have been tamed and the town is expanding behind the wide and elegant Lord Street. Social life is centred on the Victoria Baths which dominates the seafront, giving the town a real spa atmosphere.

Also dominating are the two large railway stations which are feeding lines in from the two main centres of industry and population of the county, Manchester and Liverpool. These stations were no doubt extremely busy with day excursion traffic from the two areas during the holiday periods.

The map is a snapshot of Southport at a unique time in its development, as a very select and refined ‘village’ which will soon surrender itself to a more commercial and egalitarian age and present us with the town it is today.

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