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Stockport Map 1845

Stockport Map 1845

Stockport Map 1845

Ref: HCY-91

Supplied by Heritage Cartography.

Stockport in 1845 is a community in transition from a small medieval market town to the major industrial and commercial centre of the late 19th century.

The old north-south spine of the town can clearly be seen along Hillgate, with just a hint of the rear burgage strips, and culminating at the Market Place and Castle Hill, the original core of the town.

The industrial revolution has already made its indelible mark on the town with several large cotton mills along the Rivers Mersey and Tame, and at the edge of the developing town. Important employers can also be seen at the Edgeley Bleach Works and a large hat manufactory on Canal Street.

The railway has only recently been constructed throwing the six hundred yard viaduct across the Mersey Valley which dominates the town to the present day. The importance of the railway to the trade of the town can be deduced from the size of the goods warehouse at Heaton Norris Station at the north end of the viaduct. Interesting features of the time are the extensive allotment gardens to the south east of the town centre which no doubt kept the town-folk well supplied with home-grown produce.

Stockport in 1845 still has a pleasant rustic feel about it, despite the spread of industry. No citizen is more than a quarter of a mile from the fields and old lanes of the countryside, but the first signs of the rigid pattern of terraced housing that is to encircle the town is very evident.

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