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Sussex Poor 1 1661-1800

Sussex Poor 1 1661-1800

Sussex Poor 1 1661-1800

Ref: SSX-MJB15

Supplied by the Sussex Family History Group

This volume of edited abstracts from the Quarter Session records of the ancient county of Sussex covering all aspects of the operation of the Old Poor Laws and associated legislation during the period 1661-1800 is the culmination of over thirty years work. Initial results covering 1661-1700 dealing mainly with cases of settlement and removal were published as long ago as 1976, continued with the periods 1701-30 and 1731-49 in 1979 and 1750-69 as recently as 2005.

These earlier publications, limited in scope, are now totally superseded by this present work which covers a broader and more complete record of poor law cases dealt with by justices at session's meetings during 1661-1800. In addition, the compiler has included many editorial additions to add to the value of the work to enhance its utility as a research tool and guide.

This work comprises edited abstracts of all the cases coming before the justices at quarter sessions during the period 1661-1800 that concerned private and parish apprentices, bastardy, beggars, lunatics, marriages, the poor, settlements, removals, rogues, vagabonds and any other case that had a bearing on the poor in general with the exception of debtors and bankrupts; it also includes payments made to wounded or maimed soldiers and sailors in the seventeenth century and payments to the families of serving militia men at the end of the eighteenth century, and licences to erect cottages on manorial waste licenced by the lords of various manors.

Transcribed by Michael J. Burchall, BA(Hons), FSG, from the original records in the East Sussex Record Office.

PDF Document - Word searchable.