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Sussex Poor 2 1801-1850

Sussex Poor 2 1801-1850

Sussex Poor 2 1801-1850

Ref: SSX-MJB16

Supplied by Sussex Family History Group

This volume of edited abstracts of all poor law cases dealt with by justices at Quarter Sessions covering the whole county of Sussex for the period 1801-50, continues the series begun in my previous work, The Sussex Poor 1661-1800 (Parish Register Transcription Society CD, 2008).

In that volume, an outline of the laws covering all aspects connected with the Poor Laws was included and with two exceptions, those laws still pertained in this current period with two major exceptions: the Vagrancy Act of 1824 and the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834.

The Vagrancy Act, 4 Geo.IV, c.lxxxiii (21 June 1824), An Act for the Punishment of idle and disorderly Persons, and Rogues and Vagabonds, in ... England, repealed all previous legislation touching vagrancy, and introduced three major categories of vagrants: idle and disorderly persons, rogues and beggars, and incorrigible rogues.

Transcribed by Michael J. Burchall, BA(Hons), FSG, from the original records in the East Sussex Record Office.

PDF Document - Word searchable.