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The Amazing Story of the Floral Dance

The Amazing Story of the Floral Dance

The Amazing Story of the Floral Dance

Ref: FDN-01

Supplied by Floral Dance.

From its origins in the 'quaint old Cornish town' of Helston in 1911 to its world-wide fame as the Best-selling Ballad of all time. From its rebirth as a Brass Band favourite to its place in the history of Cornish Music.

The book is now sold out, but The Amazing Story of The Floral Dance is now available as a downloadable book in pdf format.

Plans for a printed Third Edition are currently on hold.

What’s in the book? Photographs of the Helston Flora from 1907 up to the present – the Band, the Dancers, the Hats… How the Flora is celebrated and how its unique Cornish music is played; Photos of Katie Moss, who danced the Flora in 1911 – and wrote a world-famous song about it; How Katie, Peter Dawson & their publisher and recording company produced a world best-seller; Pictures of the famous Brighouse & Rastrick Band who took the song to the Top of the Pops; How Terry Wogan helped and hindered The Floral Dance;

Illustrations of paintings and designs – even animals and flowers – named after The Floral Dance

How dozens of singers and players have made the song their own for the past hundred years; Complete words and musical extracts from the song showing its links to Cornish music; How Katie devised her romantic lyrics and the melodies and accompaniments of her new song

A challenge to Cornish Bands to stop playing the wrong music for their annual Furry Dances; How to dance the Helston Flora – step-by-step instructions - and how they do it in Australia! A plea to all Cornish people to stop calling a Cornish dance by an English name; How English Radio programmes broadcast complete rubbish about our Cornish traditions.