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The Annals of Yorkshire

The Annals of Yorkshire

The Annals of Yorkshire

Ref: ARB-1250

Supplied by Archive CD Books.

From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Published 1874 - Compiled by John Mayhall.

A most fascinating every day history of the people of Yorkshire with accounts of the events relating to the 'ordinary' people of the county. These three large volumes are fully indexed, with names, events and places. In addition, the CD is fully searchable for any word or phrase within the text. What was happening at the time your ancestors lived in Yorkshire?

The events described in these books are part of your family's history. These rare books give you a unique opportunity to flesh out your family history. Thousands of fascinating events and articles taken from the earliest pre-Roman history, records of the county, and newspapers.

Please note that this is a book scanned onto a CD, not the actual book.