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The Archaeology of Cornwall

The Archaeology of Cornwall

The Archaeology of Cornwall

Ref: CEL-01

Supplied by Cornwall Editions Ltd.

By Dr Caradoc Peters.

Ideas in archaeology have undergone great changes in the last 20 years. In this second volume of Cornwall Editions' collection of superb, high quality books, Dr Caradoc Peters redefines what constitutes archaeology, through new methods and new approaches.

Today, Cornish archaeology does not stop anywhere, ranging from the most remote human past to the present day. This dramatic work will be a significant addition to any bookshelf of works about Cornwall and the society in which we live.

Dr Caradoc Peters’ new book was commissioned by Cornwall Editions and is now available for immediate delivery. Dr Peters’ approach is as far from the ‘dry-as-dust’ school of archaeology as Bude is from St Buryan.

He covers a vast time-scale, from pre-history to the present, bringing to life the social structures and the shifting patterns of livelihood of the different phases of history shadowed forth by the fragments retrieved from the soil and the sea and the marks in the ground left by our ancestors.

He develops a theme of the ever-changing view of history - can we really know what the ‘facts’ were, or can we only ever see the past through the prism of the different ages? What impact does the perspective of the 18 th-century antiquarians have on our own understanding? Are we still seeing the past through Victorian eyes? Caradoc Peters questions some of the conventional views and reinterprets our landscape in fascinating ways, offering new insights and fresh interpretations.

Caradoc Peters was born in Redruth, Cornwall and has been a Lecturer in Archaeology at Truro College since 1998.