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The History of Kirby Underdale

The History of Kirby Underdale

The History of Kirby Underdale

Ref: HIN-64

Supplied by Yorkshire CD Books.

'The History of Kirby Underdale' comprises 3 volumes and starts with pre-historic times, working through the Norman period, Elizabethan period up to the present (1920) times, including in its coverage, Painsthorpe and Garrowby.

It covers the church registers (no transcriptions though), the Elizabethan Terrier (with transcriptions), details of the rectors and curates and a description of the Rectory.

Families covered in depth are the Bourchiers, and the Remingtons with short texts about the Warwicks and Wilberfoss. There are transcriptions of the overseers' accounts and the constables' accounts each mentioning many names.

The book comes in 3 volumes: the main original publication, the supplement, and the appendix, each having its own index and contents pages.

W. R. Shepherd.

Please note that these are books scanned onto CDs, not the actual books.