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The History of Leeds or Ducatus Leodiensis

The History of Leeds or Ducatus Leodiensis

The History of Leeds or Ducatus Leodiensis

Ref: HIN-31

Supplied by Yorkshire CD Books.

Contains the pedigrees of many of the Nobility and Gentry, from records, original evidences, and manuscripts.

The original edition of this book, in 1715, justified Ralph Thoresby’s membership in the Royal Society, and displayed his erudition on Englands’s Roman antiquities and coins (many of which are depicted here). Thoresby also owned a broad collection of “curiosities”, from incunables to medical anomalies, which was ranked second only to Tradescant.

In this edition, the continuation of the Pedigrees was principally done by Christopher Holland, and the additions to Part 2, “Musaeum Thoresbyanum”, detail items added after 1715 to the time of the collection’s dispersal. Also includes a Life of Thoresby.

The first part of this 2nd edition contains the original writings of Ralph Thoresby with copious notes written by Dr. Whitaker giving both additional information and corrections to the original material. The second and third parts of the book contain the catalogue of Ralph Thoresby’s museum, also written by Dr. Whitaker.

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