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The Northern Genealogist

The Northern Genealogist

The Northern Genealogist

Ref: ANG-ARA 28

Supplied by Anguline Research Archives.

These rare quarterly journals contain a fascinating mixture of transcripts, from the medieval period up to the 19th century (including manor court rolls, wills, parish registers, marriage bonds, lists of strays etc.) as well as family pedigrees.

The coverage is particularly good for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, but there are also records from several other East Midland and Northern counties of England. Over 480 pages, full of historical detail. Many hundreds of names listed.

Edited by A. Gibbons, F.S.A.Vol I, Part I: Vol I, Part II: Vol I, Part III: Vol I, Part IV: Vol II, Part I: Vol III, Part IV: Vol VI, Part I: Vol VI, Part II.
Published between 1895-1903.

A wonderful resource for family historians.