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The Story of Mining in Cornwall (Paperback)

The Story of Mining in Cornwall (Paperback)

The Story of Mining in Cornwall (Paperback)

Ref: CEL-17

Supplied by Cornwall Editions Ltd.

By Allen Buckley, MPhil, BA, FRHistS.

The rise, fall and rise of a great Cornish industry.

The first comprehensive narrative of the history of Cornish mining.
Author hugely experienced both as a miner and as a writer.
Covers 4,000 years of history.
Final chapters on present developments in the Cornish mining industry.
Illustrated in full colour throughout.

Making metal from ore dug from the ground is a skill, a passion and a business that is fundamental to the character and identity of Cornwall. Beneath the rolling fields, buried in the cliffs, far below the crashing sea is a hidden world of strength, sorrow, triumph and struggle. Know this world and we know something of Cornwall. In The Story of Mining in Cornwall, Allen Buckley narrates 4,000 years of mining history with clarity, detail and a warm human sympathy

Allen Buckley has worked in the mining industry for more than 30 years - underground at South Crofty and Geevor and then as the Manager of Crofty Consultancy. He studied history at Exeter University and took his M. Phil degree at the Camborne School of Mines, of which he was Master in 1992. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in the same year. He is a writer of considerable note, having published more than 20 books of mediaeval, local and mining history.

A bard of the Cornish Gorsedd, he was editor of the Trevithick Society Journal for 13 years and lectures frequently to many historical groups and gatherings of the Old Cornwall Society. He has taught at various educational levels and institutions

This is a new history, based on the most recent research and findings. It is magnificently illustrated, with much rare and original material. Allen Buckley’s qualifications as a working miner and an academic historian make him uniquely equipped to deliver this narrative, this technical understanding, this social awareness and this foresight into the future of Cornish mining.